Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's do better.

I'm really glad I read this book. I feel better having read it. I loved learning about fundamentalist Muslims and now, after learning about their beliefs and values, being able to see where they are coming from. By comparing fundamentalist Muslims to fundamentalist Christians, it becomes impossible for me to harbor any resentment toward the people behind the 9-11 attacks. We have religious zealots here too. I know, personally, I've met plenty of Christians here in America that believe they've been exposed to the universal truth and that whomever doesn't believe as they do is going straight to hell. My favorite quote from the book: "The vision is of a cultural landscape consisting of Disney Inc. and the Coca-Cola Company, for sure; but also of Ashanti Inc., Navajo Inc., Maori Inc., Norway Inc.: All rights reserved." Clever, very clever. It really summed up chapter eight well, in my opinion. This week's question: how does this model fit the work of public relations? Well, that's easy. In public relations we should be striving to act in a way that most benefits everyone involved from the customer to the stockholder to the suppliers. We need to be aware of how we effect others with our practices. I think the lessons gained from reading this book are definitely ones every public relations practitioner should be required to master before entering the field.

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