Saturday, November 3, 2007

Conflicts of Interest

After reading the New York Times article "In Diabetes Fight, Raising Cash and Keeping Trust" all I have to say is WTF mate. I really can't believe that the American Diabetes Association has really been bought out. I had never realized before reading the article how many of our public health charities have probably been bought out by corporate America. I guess I've just never really thought about it before. I've always trusted the stamps of approval from these charities, that are slapped on their Corporate sponsor's products, without questioning. It's crazy for me to fathom it really. I mean, now that I think about it it makes sense, I mean, the democratic process has been bought so why not charities... but seriously? I just can't believe that the A.D.A. would even consider lining up behind Burger King. Don't get me wrong, I love BK, but we all know it's horrible for you. That's why we like it. Sometimes you just want a big, juicy burger. They shouldn't be patted on the back for offering healthy products because they should have already been offering healthier choices. They have a responsibility to their customers to offer healthier products. I was amazed by the quotes from A.D.A. executives justifying their behavior and claiming that the money wasn't affecting their integrity as a reliable source for information. I seriously doubt that the money has no effect. If someone gives you money you in turn owe them something. It's just kind of how our society works. Companies don't just give away money for nothing. They want something in return. Being the daughter of a diabetic, and probably a diabetic in the making, I'm really disappointed that I can't trust the A.D.A. Their stamp of approval has no meaning to me as of this moment. I only wish more people would come to this realization. Things can't change until people understand what is going on and get angry about it. We need to start getting angry.

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